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“Best of” Baseball Novels

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The Hardball Cooperative enlisted a panel of baseball writing experts, both from within and beyond their ranks, to weigh in on the best baseball books of all time. This group of eight considered baseball Novels and, surprise, surprise, with only one exception, each came up with a different personal favorite.  Author Mark Harris had two of his books selected. The selections are listed below:

  • The Southpaw (listed twice) by Mark Harris
  • Play for a Kingdom by Thomas Dyja
  • If I Never Get Back by Darryl Brock (highest rating on Amazon 4.77)
  • Bang the Drum Slowly by Mark Harris
  • The Natural by Bernard Malamud   (lowest rating on Amazon 3.89)
  • The Great American Novel by Phillip Roth
  • The Celebrant  by Eric Rolfe Greenberg

The reasons for including each work above as a personal favorite makes for some interesting reading.  See the experts’ explanations and let the debate begin!


2 Responses to ““Best of” Baseball Novels”
  1. Courage To Win-Steven Sutherland
    “Sometimes in life you happen upon the perfect fit, and you feel like you can achieve anything.” For Andrew, a second baseman, that “fit” means getting his glove down in the dirt, snapping up ground balls, and throwing the batter out at first. You will be touched as the author describes Andrew’s second family, a group of teammates who accept each other and cheer each other on. Courage to Win is a riveting and inspiring story of America’s favorite pastime and the people who love it. It teaches us not to judge a humble boy by his exterior cover but, instead, to look to his gifts, his heart, and his “courage to win.”

  2. Ted Cox says:

    What, no “You Know Me Al?” Youse oughta be ashamed.

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