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Book Review: Greatest World Series Thrillers

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Greatest World Series Thrillers by Ray Robinson

“Hello World!” are usually the first words emanating from a new technology.  Rather than those simple words for this nascent website, I have chosen to review the first baseball book I can remember reading as a child.

A few years back, I was at a baseball card show in Westchester County, NY milling about through some old baseball books when I spotted a bright yellow cover that immediately triggered a tidal wave of memories.  Needless to say, I read the book from cover to cover when I got home.

The books tells the classic stories of great achievements in World Series history:

  • Three shutouts by Christy Mathewson in the 1905 series
  • Walter Johnson finally winning a World Series with the Senators in 1924
  • Babe Ruth’s “Called Shot” during the ’32 series
  • Don Larsen’s perfect game in ’56, and
  • Mazeroski’s game 7 homer defeating the Yanks in the 1960 series.

To a 9-year old kid, these stories and their heroes were beyond memorable.  Over 40 years later, this book is hard-wired into my brain.

It turns out that this book was written by Ray Robinson, a great sports writer and author of two wonderful baseball biographies : Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time and Matty an American Hero: Christy Mathewson of the New York Giants

.   This link  contains a wonderful interview with Ray Robinson from 2009.

BoB Rating:   Triple   (Great Kids Book; For me, sentimental value)

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