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Baseball Poetry: Baseball (day/night doubleheader)

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On a monthly basis, Spitball Literary Magazine publishes a baseball-related poem.  The March 2010 winner is called day/night doubleheader by Bruce Harris.   The poem expresses the author’s feelings about how baseball has changed since he was a boy and, perhaps, how some of the innocence of youth has slipped away as well. 

Enjoy and let us know what chord this poem strikes within you.

Baseball (day/night doubleheader) by Bruce Harris

first game
Complete games were routine for some,
    watched by hats and ties through fragrant cigar smoke.
Great Scott – home run derby – M&Ms – Maypo (hold the juice).
Baseball is Topps and a nickel is king.
September’s done. Eight teams dream of afternoon October fun.

night cap
Save this. DH that. Pitch count. Everyone looks like a catcher now.
Corporate heads sit and talk while starting pitchers transact business with the bullpen.
Only birds get flipped.
Jokers and wild cards blow on hands. Stars under stars
     while witches and ghosts and goblins play.

Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine can be found at  It was the brainchild of Mike Shannon and the result of a literary partnership formed in the fall of 1980 between Shannon and William J. Harrison.  Spitball sponsors the CASEY Award to honor the authors and publishers of the best baseball books published each year.

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