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Twitter’ing about “Lesser” Baseball Books

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OK.  This is an interactive post.  You need to jump right in to have fun.  It’s all about the website Twitter and the hashtag #lesserbooks.  Don’t know Twitter from Tweety Bird or Hashtags from Cheese Fries?  Just stay with me and you’ll hit the ground running.

Twitter is a website where you can opine, or “Tweet”, on any subject up to a maximum of 140 characters.  Embedding a term with a hashtag “#” within your Tweet (e.g. #baseball) allows users to post information on Twitter about a common theme and search the Tweets of other users for that theme.

Earlier this week, I was on Twitter and happened to notice an avalanche of Tweets coming through with the hashtag #lesserbooks.  At some points, there were 20+  #lesserbooks Tweets coming in every few seconds.  In fact, as evidenced from this article from the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Twitter’ing about #lesserbooks has become a global phenomena.

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After extensive journalistic investigation, taking literally minutes, I figured out that the theme #lesserbooks is all about taking an existing classic book and modifying its title so that the books sounds, shall we say, a little less classic.   

Here are some examples:

  • To Slightly Maim a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee
  • Homicide on the Amtrak Northeast Line by Agatha Christie
  • Fairly Decent Expectations by Charles Dickens

Since we are all about baseball books on this website, I wanted to see how creative you can be in applying the #lesserbooks concept to baseball books.  I will provide a few examples and let y’all keep it going.  (P.S. With apologies to graphic artists everywhere)

  • Ball Three, Strike One by Jim Bouton
  • Eight Chicago White Sox Players Accused of Cheating Sitting Out by Eliot Asinof
  • A Pretty Good American Book by Phillip Roth
  • Giuseppe the Unshodden by W.P.Kinsella

I know you are a creative bunch.  Hit the comment button and show me what you got.

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