Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

Strasburg and Twitter: Both were ablaze tonight!

At times, they were rolling in at about 15 to 20 a second.  The Tweets with the #Strasburg hashtag were fast and furious before, during, and after his impressive 14 K debut tonight for the Washington Nationals. As a Nats’ fan, it truly was a wonderful night, made more memorable, and fun, by the legions of loyal Tweeters.

In fact, Tweet traffic was so intense, several times I got Twitter’s dreaded Whale Fail page.  Not to worry though, a quick refresh and the Tweet traffic began anew.

To get a firm pulse on how social media was treating this new wunderkind, I followed Twitter throughout the night.  I found that the interest wasn’t limited to only Nats’ fans.  I found the Tweeting coming from general fans, celebrities, both real and fake, as well as folks from other countries, in some familiar and  not-so-familiar languages.  Some of the Tweets were well-deserved praise while other Tweets were a real-time social commentary on the hype.

To save you the work, I poured through the thousands of Tweets to come up with the night’s best.   They are presented below.

Most Original — I want to give special props to the two most original Tweets of the night.  Both of these were posted before the game began and made fun of the hype.

pourmecoffee Stephen Strasburg has finished his pre-game supper, informing his infield, “One of you will betray me tonight.”

EricStangel BREAKING MLB NEWS: The Washington Nationals just retired Stephen Strasburg’s number.

Other Zinger Tweets — many other tweeters also lampooned the hype and deserve special recognition.

ChuckGarfien Stephen Strasburg just struck out 7 batters in one inning. He also clogged the hole in the BP oil spill with his mitt. 

Adam_Schefter An update from Washington. RT @EricStangel: MLB: Stephen Strasburg- 3 IP, 1 H, 6 K. Between innings Stephen started dating Kate Hudson

Justin_Stangel Stephen Strasburg- This kid is such a sure thing Pete Rose started betting on baseball again

ankZone Dec. 23, 2017: #Yankees sign free agent Stephen Strasburg to 12-yr $300 M deal

igglephile Enter Kanye RT @officialreview: Stephen Strasburg has already been voted Rookie of the Year, Top Chef, Best New Artist, and the Burger King.

Celebrity Tweets — the celebrities, both authentic and fake, were out in full force for The K Kid

UmpJoeWest Been scoring the Stephen Strasburg game at home. By my strike zone he had 3 Ks and 11 walks. Overrated.  (this is an actual tweet by an imposter)

Alyssa_Milano Jeeze. The pressure. I wish everyone would back off Strasburg and let the boy pitch (an actual tweet by the real celebrity)

JaysonST Strasburg’s last 4 outs have come on K’s – 2 on The Slurve, 1 on 99-mph heat and 1 on The Change. So he can whiff u w the whole repertoire!  (Jayson Stark from ESPN)

Kenny_Mayne Strasburg is going to get his name in the paper. (a typical dry, understaement by this ESPN correspondent)

OldHossRadbourn – Come on, J. Riggleman. Let the kid pitch a CG. You know you want to. (authentic tweet by pretend, dead 1880s pitcher for the Providence Greys)

International Tweets— Strasburg hype wasn’t limited to English.  Other languages were represented.  Translations provided when possible directly from Babblefish sometimes with humorous results.

laosven  Lo de Stephen Strasburg es impresionante, debutando con 14 ponches

[Translation: The one of Stephen Strasburg is impressive, making debut with 14 ponches]

Beisbologo– Strasburg está a un ponche de empatar el record de ponches para un debut en manos de J. R. Richard y Karl Spooner con 15

[Translation: Strasburg is to ponche to tie the record of ponches for a debut into the hands of J.R. Richard and Karl Spooner with 15]

kakeru485 そういえば、今日は Stephen Strasburg (WAS)がデビューするんだよな…今まさに投げてるんだよな…見たい

[Japanese Translation: So, if you say, today Stephen Strasburg (WAS) debuts, it is,…Now throwing just, the [ru] it is,…We would like to see..]

yesoline 華盛頓國民隊 Strasburg 初登板六局送出11次三振.

[Traditional Chinese Translation: Washington national team Strasburg initially ascends the board six games to send out 11 times three to inspire.]

The translations were provided in the spirit of having fun.  If anyone can actually provide me the correct, translations, it would be appreciated.


One Response to “Strasburg and Twitter: Both were ablaze tonight!”
  1. Stephen Strasburg is off to a great start on an amazing journey. Baseball is a great game that offers hope and inspiration to fans all across the country. My hope for Stephen is that he continues to play for the love of the game and learns to gracefully accept the roar of the crowd.

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