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Baseball Memorabilia: What do you collect?

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I will admit it.  I am a memorabilia junkie. I collect all sorts of memorabilia related to the Washington Senators.  T206 cards, World Series ticket stubs and programs, old banners, stadium seats, bobbleheads, etc..   “Why the Senators?”  you ask.  It’s simple. I grew up in the DC area and that was the team with which I came to love baseball. 

Couldn’t shake my “Senator-itis” it even if I wanted to.

I recently picked up this ball signed by a number of Hall of Fame members including 3 that played for the Senators — Joe Cronin, Sam Rice and Heinie Manush although only Rice was enshrined as a Senator.  The ball was only in fair condition as indicated by the description below…

Signers include Lefty Grove, Max Carey, Zack Wheat, Pie Traynor, Bill Dickey, Luke Appling, Red Ruffing, Casey Stengel, Bill Terry, Sam Rice, Joe DiMaggio, Lefty Gomez, Joe Cronin, Edd Roush, Heinie Manush, Ken Smith, and John McHale. Signatures rate 7 out of 10 on average with a few lesser or better. Ball is moderately toned and has light clear coat. The surface exhibits some cracking and areas of loss:

From a signature standpoint, I now have Rice, Manush, Cronin, Goslin, Bucky Harris, and Ossie Bluege.  Still searching for “The Signature”–the Big Train Walter Johnson…but I will probably have to wait and pine away admiring my Johnson portrait PSA-1 T206 card.

What type of memorabilia do you collect? 

What’s your favorite item?


3 Responses to “Baseball Memorabilia: What do you collect?”
  1. Cliff says:

    I used to collect Topps baseball cards when I was growing up, having quite a few from 1956-1962. I also collected Met and Yankee Yearbooks, Who’s Who in Baseball, Street and Smith Baseball Annuals from 1975 to Present, and many Sporting News with interesting 1st pages.

    Starting in 1978 I began to collect all the baseball cards I could get my hands on, I was planning to put my doubles aside and later sell them at a profit. I also began to buy as many cards from my youth that I could. Sadly, financial dificulties required me to sell my ’56-’62 and much of the cards I had assembled to try to do it for profit. Luckily, I was able to give superstars and stars from ’78 on to my son; and he got most of the Street and Smiths.

    By the way, as a lifetime Washington Senators fan, would you like to see them back in the AL? One idea I have is to put the Nationals in the AL and put Tampa Bay in the NL East. I didn’t like the idea, a while back, to break up the NL and AL and create two leagues with regional rivals, but I think in several cases it would be beneficial. TB would be with FLA, ATL, and possibly even HOU.

    I think that BAL/WAS could work synergistically, especially if marketed properly with Washington D.C. tourism. Plus I think Washington would benefit from rivalries with Baltimore, New York, and Boston. It’s a shame that Calvin Griffith didn’t stick around a little longer in Washington as they came into their own in Minnesota.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for your note Cliff. It is a shame that you had to unload alot of your card collection but if there is a silver lining, it is that you probably got more for them when you sold them in the past than if you had to sell them now. It is truly a buyer’s market and values are at all-time lows.

    For me, that is fine since I have always collected purely for my own sentimental value and planned to pass all my memorabilia on to my kids anyhow, so I am glad to be buying in a buyer’s market.

    I like your realignment idea. I would like to see the Nationals go back in American League (I might ask though to dump the DH, not a big fan) create a fiercer rivalry with the Orioles and I would like to see each League go back to two divisions, maybe with 8 teams each. Maybe dump interleague play and make the pennant races more significant.

    By the way, I posted an article a few weeks ago on Bob Costas’ take on how to restore more competitiveness into baseball.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks again for your comment and for visiting

    Do you go to the Facebook page as well Books on Baseball?

    Best Regards,


  3. Cliff says:

    Thanks for your sentiment on the cards. I intended to give the older cards to my children, too. Oh, well.

    I’d get rid of the DH, too. As an inducment to the player’s union, how about 50 new Major Leaguers through expanding to……(Two cities that would end up in th NL and AL East). Then you’d be able to divide both leagues into 8 team divisions.

    I think that you can maintain quality by raising the pitching mound; and end up with pitchers being able to pittch more innings. Eventually, a rule can be passed that limits rosters to 10 pitchers only. Instead of needing 24 more pitchers for expansion we’d need 40 less.

    I read your excellent Costas piece and gave you my plan for Pennant Races and Tier Chases.

    I don’t go on Facebook but will continue to catch you here for sure.

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