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Baseball Podcasts: Which do you listen to?

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The Internet provides a multitude of ways for folks to read, listen, or opine on virtually any subject they desire.   As you might suspect, one of the subjects dear to me is baseball and I am never far from my iTouch; whether in the gym or doing yardwork–Baseball is only a couple of finger waggles away!  (For the uninitiated, podcasts are pre-recorded programs that can be downloaded to your computer or played through a device such as an iTouch)

Be forewarned though;  there are many good and not-so-good podcasts out in the ether.  They cover the gamut, from baseball history, fantasy leagues, sabermetrics, player interviews, to just a couple of guys sitting around chewing the fat.  From this smorgasbord of possibilities, here are several podcasts that I keep in steady rotation.

ESPN’s Baseball Today — Co-hosted by Eric Karabell and Seth Everett, this Mon-Fri daily show talks about the games from the previous night and previews the most compelling upcoming matches from today’s game.  They also answer emails from listenersand feature regular appearances from ESPN journalists such as Jayson Stark & Buster Olney.

Baseballisms: Cover The Bases — BoB Friend Joe Magennis interviews baseball book authors and writers. The podcast comes out about twice a month and is always very informative with in depth discussions of recently released books.

What’s on Second/Seamheads Radio Hour — Cohosted by Mike Lynch (BoB Friend) and Steve Lenox, this weekly show (Mondays @ 9pm EST ) covers all aspects of baseball.  The guests could be baseball historians, local writers or national broadcasters.  The podcast, through the Blog Talk Radio network,  is live and listeners are encouraged to call in @ (347) 945-7172.

Baseball History— this weekly podcast, hosted by Bob Wright, features in-depth player biographes, from any era (e.g. recent podcasts have covered Rube Marquard, Tony Oliva, and “Pistol” Pete Reiser) with content developed largely from SABR’s Baseball Biography Project.

Is your favorite baseball podcast on the list?  If not, tell us which podcasts you listen to. 

My iTouch still has some space left on it  🙂


4 Responses to “Baseball Podcasts: Which do you listen to?”
  1. Cardinal70 says:

    I’m completely biased, but I recommend the UCB Radio Hour and the BBA Baseball Talk!

  2. Mark says:

    Ha…not biased at all. That is one I haven’t caught up with yet. I will though. Thanks for the commetns.

  3. Joe Magennis says:

    Hi Mark .. Thanks for the shoutout! Since they added Seth Everett to the show, I’m a big fan of Baseball Today.

    I think having a good resource for all Baseball podcasts is an awesome idea .. Let’s all keep adding to your list as we discover new shows, so we know where to look. Can’t wait to check out these other podcasts.


  4. Mark says:


    I love your podcast so glad to include it. As you have one coming out, let me know and maybe we can create an article which features your upcoming interview.



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