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Books on Baseball: Summary of Book Reviews

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The Books on Baseball webiste opened up in mid-March to get ready for the 2010 baseball season. Since that time, among other articles, we have published over 30 book reviews.  The entire process of startng up a website, finding a decent, consistent voice, and reviewing books and producing articles for the BoB readers has been a blast.

We hope that you have enjoyed the first few months of Books on Baseball.  We look forward to have a regular conversation with you as we move further into the 2010 season.

In reverse chronological order, here are the book we have reviewed.  If you haven’t already persued them, please take some time to learn about books you may never have seen. Enjoy!


One Response to “Books on Baseball: Summary of Book Reviews”
  1. I would like to send you a copy for review. ((see reviews)

    My name is Gene Hutmaker and I am the self-proclaimed Yankee Hater. I am the biggest Yankee Hater on this planet Earth (I go about 230 lbs.). Living in Yankee country in South Brunswick NJ (plus having two Yankee-lovin’ sons) doesn’t make it easy, but that hasn’t stopped my rantings about baseball’s Evil Empire. My sons challenged me to put my money where my mouth was and put pen to paper. My son Dr. Michael Hutmaker, a Dean at Manhattan Community College, is a reluctant (for obvious reasons) co-author – he kept it rated PG. My other Pinstriped son, Chris, a Columbia and Wharton grad also contributed.
    I want to highlight a book I authored titled BANNED in the BRONX The Yankee Haters Memoirs 1953-2005. The book chronicles the year-by-year account of each baseball season with little or no mention of the success of the New York Yankees, but rather a highlight of their failures. This is the BIBLE, TORAH & KORAN for all Yankee Haters.
    Readers have given my book much praise making my head get as BIG as Barry Bonds’ – wait a minute, nothing can get that big. For an amusing read please visit my website

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