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Christy Walsh — Baseball’s First Agent

When you think of baseball agents, some fairly vivid pictures may appear.  You may think of Scott Boras, the super-agent, capable of putting fear, panic, and loathing into any GM….or you might think more of a caricature such as “Arlis$$, played by Robert Wuhl, Bob Sugar of Jerry Maguire fame (played by Jay Mohr)  or Ari Gold […]

Walter Johnson’s First Game – August 2, 1907

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Washington Senator’s manager “Pongo Joe” Cantillon was on the lookout for new players when he sent injured catcher Cliff Blankenship out west to scout future Senator Clyde “Deer Foot” Milan.  While he was out there, Cantillon asked Blankenship to scout another raw talent in Weiser, Idaho–Walter Johnson.  Immediately impressed, Blankenship offered Walter a contract, eventually […]

The Science of Baseball: From Ted Williams to Stephen Strasburg

A number of years back, Ted Williams, along with John Underwood published a book called The Science of Hitting.  It is still referenced today as “The Bible” in instructing people to accomplish what many believe to be  the most difficult thing to do in all of sports– to hit a thrown baseball.  One of the concepts that Williams stressed was […]

Hall of Fame 2010

Today, in Cooperstown, NY, Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, and Doug Harvey, will be enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame.   Since June 1939, as part of the celebration of Baseball’s Centennial, fans and baseball immortals alike have descended on this sleepy NY hamlet to paid homage to its newly elected members. The Baseball Writer’s Association of […]

Baseball Memorabilia: What do you collect?

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I will admit it.  I am a memorabilia junkie. I collect all sorts of memorabilia related to the Washington Senators.  T206 cards, World Series ticket stubs and programs, old banners, stadium seats, bobbleheads, etc..   “Why the Senators?”  you ask.  It’s simple. I grew up in the DC area and that was the team with which I came […]

Books on Baseball: State of the Union

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It is hard to believe that it was only about 4 months ago when the first article was published.  The article itself is clumsy and non-descript, but the importart part was that I had started.  You see, I kept kvetching to my wife about doing a blog to the point where she finally said stop talking and start […]

Joe Cronin: A Life in Baseball

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Barbara Gregorich, a Books on Baseball friend and author, has been kind enough to allow us to use a book review she recently completed — Joe Cronin: A Life in Baseball.  Your Turn is a regular feature of Books on Baseball that spotlights our BoB friends as guest book reviewers.  Thanks Barb! Barb’s Review — I grew up a […]

Win World Series Tickets and Help a Worthwhile Charity…

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…what could be better?  State Farm is sponsoring a contest, Go to Bat, that is teaming up with MLB to support worthwhile charities.  During last week’s Home Run Derby, Pitch In For Baseball was selected to participate in State Farm’s Go To Bat campaign.   [if you are in a hurry to win your tickets, you can […]

“Bupkis” for Baseball Retirees? Where’s the Moral Outrage?

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The number of multi-millionaires within the sport of baseball is well chronicled.   I naively imagined that all this wealth would trickle down to take care of the retired players who paved the way for today’s current players–a rising tide lifts all boats.   I was mistaken.   Fortunately, there is a book, A Bitter Cup of Coffee: How MLB […]

Book Review: The Curse: Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Or Do They?

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Andy Van Slyke was a terrific ballplayer in his day; known as much for his irreverent and spontaneous sense of humor as his remarkable “Gold Glove” defensive skills in centerfield; he was a fan and sportswriter’s favorite throughout his 13 year major league career. His partner in crime for this particular book – Rob Rains […]

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