Monday, May 16th, 2022

BoB Ratings

BoB Book Review Ratings

When you  read a movie review, I am sure you find it helpful when the reviewer gives an overall rating for that movie.  Likewise, we think it will be helpful to provide an overall rating for the books we review.  The BoB rating scale is listed below:

  • Home Run – Stop by your favorite book store and buy this one now
  • Triple – Good to add to your collection, maybe wait for the paperback version
  • Double –  Consider picking this up from a used book store
  • Single –  Take a pass on this book. This review is enough

Since ratings are subjective according to the reviewer’s perspective, we will also provide a brief summary as to the why and how a particular rating was given.

Where possible we will also give you the comparitive ratings for Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads.  We are in the process of computing some normative ratings to help you interpret a rating of, for instance, a 4.55 on Amazon.  Is that good or exceptionally good?  The normative ratings will help decipher that for you.

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