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Baseball Memorabilia: What do you collect?

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I will admit it.  I am a memorabilia junkie. I collect all sorts of memorabilia related to the Washington Senators.  T206 cards, World Series ticket stubs and programs, old banners, stadium seats, bobbleheads, etc..   “Why the Senators?”  you ask.  It’s simple. I grew up in the DC area and that was the team with which I came […]

The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story of History’s Most Desired Baseball Card

Only a few dozen T206 Honus Wagners are known to still exist, having been released in limited numbers just after the turn of the twentieth century. Most, with their creases and stains, look like they’ve been around for nearly one hundred years. But one—The Card—appears to have defied the travails of time. Its sharp corners […]

Honus Wagner T206 Uncut Strip — Would you pay $250K for it?

You may not think a single strip of 100-year old baseball cards is worth a quarter of a million dollars. However,  I guarantee you someone will when the T206 uncut “proof” strip featuring Honus Wager is auctioned by Hunt Auctions later this month.  The current bidding is up over $120K with predictions as high as $200K […]

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