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Baseball’s First Black Player — Moses Fleetwood Walker

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All across Major League Baseball, April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day–commenmorating the day in 1947 when Robinson first saw action as a Brooklyn Dodger.   Most people think Jackie was the first African American to play in the majors, however, before Robinson, there was Moses Fleetwood Walker. Walker first played for the Toledo Blue Sox […]

Did the NY Giants Steal the Signs for Thomson’s Shot Heard Round the World?

BoB’s own “Mythbuster” Bill Miller will be “investigating” some of the most talked about stories and lore from baseball’s historical past.  This article focuses on Bobby Thomson’s Shot Heard Round the World. The recent death of former Giants star Bobby Thomson, who hit perhaps the most famous home run in baseball history on October 3, 1951, […]

Interview with the Baseball Undertaker: Part II

August 23, 2010 by  
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A few weeks ago, we posted Part I of our interview with a man named Bill Lee, who wrote The Baseball Necrology, a book profiling the lives of deceased pro baseball players, and concurrently runs The Baseball Necrology Live, an Internet update of the same premise. During the course of our interview with Bill, we learned that he […]

A few more words about Bobby Thompson

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Today’s a bit of a heart-warming day to be a baseball fan.  Considering that the Miracle at Coogan’s Bluff occurred nearly 60 years ago, and that the Polo Grounds has been a housing development for the past 45 years, it is gratifying to see the outpouring of Internet affection for Bobby Thompson and his dramatics […]

Robert Brown “Bobby” Thomson (1923 – 2010)

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In memory of Bobby Thomson’s passing today, we are reposting two recent articles from Books on Baseball.  The first article is a review of a recent book about “The shot heard round the world” while the second article is about the various broadcasters who had a part in this historical baseball moment. Book Review: Miracle […]

Ray Chapman, Killed by Pitched Ball August 17, 1920

August 16, 2010 by  
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On August 16, 1920, in the late afternoon at the Polo Grounds, Ray Chapman stepped into the batter’s box for what would be the very last time.  The 29 year old Cleveland Indians’ shortstop, known as “Chappie”,  squared around to bunt off the Yankee’s Carl Mays.  The submariner’s pitch was inside, Chapman was unable to duck […]

Christy Walsh — Baseball’s First Agent

When you think of baseball agents, some fairly vivid pictures may appear.  You may think of Scott Boras, the super-agent, capable of putting fear, panic, and loathing into any GM….or you might think more of a caricature such as “Arlis$$, played by Robert Wuhl, Bob Sugar of Jerry Maguire fame (played by Jay Mohr)  or Ari Gold […]

Walter Johnson’s First Game – August 2, 1907

August 2, 2010 by  
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Washington Senator’s manager “Pongo Joe” Cantillon was on the lookout for new players when he sent injured catcher Cliff Blankenship out west to scout future Senator Clyde “Deer Foot” Milan.  While he was out there, Cantillon asked Blankenship to scout another raw talent in Weiser, Idaho–Walter Johnson.  Immediately impressed, Blankenship offered Walter a contract, eventually […]

Does Baseball Face a “Passion Gap”?

August 1, 2010 by  
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Did you know that the National Baseball Hall of Fame is an independent entity that is neither owned nor operated by Major League Baseball?  A friend of mine recently wondered aloud if someone could open up their own rival Hall of Fame. If they didn’t actually use the name Hall of Fame, could they get away […]

Trade Retrospective – Ken Griffey Jr.

July 28, 2010 by  
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I always find it extremely interesting to see how trades worked out for the teams involved, and what effects the trade had on both teams’ fortunes, both immediately and down the road.  As we approach the trade deadline, I wanted to take a retrospectve look at one that occurred 10 years ago. One of the […]

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