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No-Hitter Flashback: Virgil Trucks

Matt Garza of the Tampa Bay Rays has just thrown Major League Baseball’s fifth no-hitter of the 2010 season.  That’s actually six no-hitters this year, at least in the State of Michigan.  Three of them have involved the Rays, twice as victim and now, finally, as victor. All this brings to mind that old Baseball Digest favorite, the […]

Hall of Fame 2010

Today, in Cooperstown, NY, Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, and Doug Harvey, will be enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame.   Since June 1939, as part of the celebration of Baseball’s Centennial, fans and baseball immortals alike have descended on this sleepy NY hamlet to paid homage to its newly elected members. The Baseball Writer’s Association of […]

Trade Retrospective: Curt Schilling to the Red Sox

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On November 28, 2003, the Red Sox acquired SP Curt Schilling from the Arizona Diamondbacks for pitchers Jorge de la Rosa, Casey Fossum, Brandon Lyon, and minor leaguer Michael Goss. The Background The Red Sox were in need of a starting pitcher after one of 2003′s main starting pitchers, John Burkett, retired. While Burkett was not an amazing starting pitcher […]

Lou Piniella: The Early Years

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To be with his ailing mother, Lou Piniella has announced his retirement, effective immediately.  He’s been involved in Major League Baseball for nearly 50 years and has done it all: long minor league career; even longer Major League career; player/coach; manager; general manager; manager again; broadcaster; manager again.  He won the World Series on his first try, […]

Negro League Strat-O-Matic Cards: MVP Willie Wells

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I recently ordered the new Strat-O-Matic Baseball Negro League All-Stars set.  This set assembled 108 of the great Negro Leagues players of all time and, thanks to backbreaking research, collected their statistics for league games over each player’s “peak” period (i.e. their top five to seven years).    These stats are adjusted for length of schedule; most Negro […]

Curt Flood and Baseball’s Reserve Clause

The inspiration for a story can come from the most unlikeliest of places. On my recent trip to Maine, I happened to pick up the Bangor Daily News and read a very compelling editorial (see entire text and link below) that described how Curt Flood’s landmark struggle to overturn baseball’s time-worn reserve clause has opened up […]

DiMaggio Streak Ended Today–July 17, 1941

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On this day, 69 years ago, Joe DiMaggio’s legendary hitting streak ended.   Joe DiMaggio holds the Major League Baseball record with a streak of 56 consecutive games.  The “Streak” which began on May 15 and ended July 17. DiMaggio hit .408 during his streak (91 for 223), with 15 home runs and 55 RBIs. After […]

Negro Leagues: New Postage Stamp Series Unveiled

The US Postal Service has unveiled a new stamp series honoring baseball’s Negro League players. Almost all of them are gone now, fading memories kept alive through grainy photos and dog-eared newspaper clippings their children and grandchildren keep near. But now the black baseball players and their contributions to the culture and history of a […]

Jack Armstrong, the Once and Never-Again All Star

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In the 1930s and ’40s, Jack Armstrong was The All-American Boy.  His adventures spanned radio, comic books, a film serial, and ultimately the TV cartoon Jonny Quest.  This was all before my time…. akfjdasjfkajsfjsdfj I am Jason Miller, Books on Baseball contributing writer.  Stay with me as I weave a sometimes circuitous story of how I […]

1969 All Star Game — My Recollection

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I was fortunate enough to attend the 1969 All Star Game.  Below is my recollection of that game. 1969 was a tumultuous time in American history. It was a time of Vietnam-war protests and a society torn by the aftermath of two assassinations. However 1969, and particularly the summer, was also when Neil Armstrong uttered […]

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