Monday, May 16th, 2022

The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story of History’s Most Desired Baseball Card

Only a few dozen T206 Honus Wagners are known to still exist, having been released in limited numbers just after the turn of the twentieth century. Most, with their creases and stains, look like they’ve been around for nearly one hundred years. But one—The Card—appears to have defied the travails of time. Its sharp corners […]

Honus Wagner T206 Uncut Strip — Would you pay $250K for it?

You may not think a single strip of 100-year old baseball cards is worth a quarter of a million dollars. However,  I guarantee you someone will when the T206 uncut “proof” strip featuring Honus Wager is auctioned by Hunt Auctions later this month.  The current bidding is up over $120K with predictions as high as $200K […]

Four Strikeouts — A Baseball Rarity

With the incredible string of recent Perfect Games, including the one (almost) thrown by Armando Galarraga, we may have missed a similarly rare baseball occurrence–Four Strikeouts.  We are not talking about a batter striking out four times in a game; that inglorious feat is called a Golden Sombrero.  We are referring to a pitcher recording four strikeouts in […]

Baseball Coffee Table Books

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As you might expect, I have a pretty fair collection of baseball books.  A few of these I keep on a table in my home office because I look through them time and time again.  While my table is probably not quite up to coffee table standards, the books I keep on the table meet, […]

The T206 Collection — The Players and Their Stories

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When you pick up a baseball card, do you wonder about the player whose picture is staring back at you?  What was he like?  What did he do after baseball?  This curiosity is especially true with the famous T206, or tobacco, card set, at its 100th year anniversary. The T206 set is arguably the most sought after baseball card set […]

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