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Baseball e-Book: Baseballisms

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When you think about books on baseball or its great writers, you might think of  historical authors like Grantland Rice or Damon Runyon or a current author such as Roger Angell.  We generally wouldn’t think of new media and e-books as a way to deliver the written word about baseball.

Our friends at Baseballisms have come up with a very creative idea.  They have organized postings from Twitter (called “Tweets” to those of you out of the loop from today’s social media tools) that occurred in real time during some of last season’s pivotal games into an e-book that is available from their website (see free e-book)

The e-book is very well done with easy-to-navigate tabs to move page by page.    The effect of this style is to give you an inside view of what people were thinking (within the 140 character limit of Twitter of course) during the game.  The end result is a product that makes us re-think how we define baseball “writing”.  Ultimately, an e-book of tweets may not be your cup of tea, but it is a good piece of work and it is surely thought-provoking.

From another angle, Baseballisms also periodically features audio interviews with baseball authors such as the one linked below with Mark Armour who has written a biography on Joe Cronin.  Armour heads up the Baseball Biography project for the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR).

Take a listen to the interview….

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